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Cinquième Festival

15 - 16 Juin 2024
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L'inscription des artistes est ouverte

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Juin 2024

Ouvert à tous les artistes...
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...professionnels et amateurs. Il n'y a pas de processus de sélection.

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15 - 16 juin 2024

Visitez les artistes
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Des artistes invités installés dans des galeries ≪pop-up≫ autour du village se joignent aux artisans locaux pour un week-end d'activités.

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Amanda Rackowe

Amanda Rackowe

  • Type of art: Peinture
  • Venue: Salle d'Aquitaine
  • Map Ref: 13

« My work lies in my fascination of the transient interchange of human existence.

I examine seemingly banal journeys that incorporate the real and surreal, touching on emotions of sensitivity, fragmentation and latent intégration that portray an immanent conceptualisation of my view of the world . »

Amanda Rackowe is primarily an oil painter whose work blurs the line between figurative and abstraction. Born in England, she studied and worked in theatre architectural lighting design, whilst continuing to indulge her primary passion: painting. Since moving to France in 2006, she has devoted her time to her painting as well as teaching oil painting classes  for 16 years.
Her work blurs the line between figuration and abstraction and the influences of her work as a lighting designer are evident. Her landscapes, whether rural, urban or coastal, often examine solitude and empty or open spaces. But the reminders of Man's existence are always apparent, essential elements in her compositions. 

Amanda has exhibited in France and England and her paintings are in collections in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. She has won several painting prizes and was selected in 2023, to exhibit her works at Art Capital 2024 in February at the Grand Palais Ephémère.  She is a founding member and exhibitor at La Galerie de Ste Alvère, a member of the contemporary group of painters "Figuration Inévitable" and an exhibitor and active member of La Société des Beaux Arts du Périgord.