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Cinquième Festival

15 - 16 Juin 2024
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L'inscription des artistes est ouverte

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Juin 2024

Ouvert à tous les artistes...
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...professionnels et amateurs. Il n'y a pas de processus de sélection.

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15 - 16 juin 2024

Visitez les artistes
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Des artistes invités installés dans des galeries ≪pop-up≫ autour du village se joignent aux artisans locaux pour un week-end d'activités.

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Nick Buhaenko-Smith

Nick Buhaenko-Smith

  • Type of art: Photographie

I have had an interest in photography all my life,

taking images of varied subjects ranging from portraits, landscapes, sports, abstract to macro photography.

To support my interest, I studied for a diploma of photography and am currently taking a break from a degree in Photographic Art.

The images at this year’s festival are a small and varied selection of my work.

I consider myself fortunate to live in a village which inspires art and artists and look forward to expanding my body of images. One day I hope to help start a photography club in Monflanquin