The free Festival programme with artists, maps and events, will be available during the Festival.

Stewards will be on duty around the village with free programmes.

As artists register and we confirm events, these will be put on the website and our Facebook page.

The Gallery page is where you will be able to view the work of participating artists and a short biography.

Yes. We have established a simple online registration system and all entries should be made online. If you have a problem with this contact us.

To contact the organisers, please do so via email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The organisers work during the day and it is very difficult to respond to telephone enquiries.

During the Festival, the Festival Office will be in the Place des Arcades in the centre of Monflanquin, outside 'Galerie JS'. 

If you need to speak to someone urgently, please call 06 45 75 02 69 (English) or 06 84 40 83 62 (French and Dutch), but bear in mind that we are are not always immediatley available and be prepared to leave a message. If at all possible, please use email for enquiries.

The festival takes out public liability insurance to cover the event.

Venue owners may wish to inform their own insurers about the Festival.

The Festival’s public liability insurance will cover incidents concerning the public, however it will not cover damage if something gets broken, this would be a matter for individual house owners and their insurers.

Yes. Our inspiration comes from Staithes Festival and Saltaire Festival, both in the UK. T

hey began with a few houses opening as galleries and now have over 100 artists exhibiting in private and public buildings making a valuable contribution to the economy and profile of the village.

It is for the artist to ensure the gallery is manned throughout the Festival.

Normally the artist will look after their own show. If venue owners are there, they may agree to stand-in from time to time, but there is no obligation.

Some artists may find it helpful to have a friend to help so that they get a chance to enjoy the Festival.

Artists who have arranged their own venue will usually be accepted.

If an artist does not have a venue, we will try and find them one but be aware as the Festival gets ever more popular there are fewer and fewer venues available.

Artists looking for a venue should apply on line and choose the approprite options to let the comittee know they are looking for a venue.

There is no selection procedure, this is an ‘open’ festival.

Artists who wish to exhibit must register via the website and pay the registration fee of 50€.

'Preview', 'private view', 'residents evening', call it what you like, is held on Friday evening between 19:00 and 20:30 and is an opportunity to invite friends, colleagues, patrons and residents of the village to view your gallery.

It is up to the artists and venue owner to send out invitations to their contacts and to encourage visitors to view and possibly buy on the first evening of the Festival, but the organisers will also encourage visitors to take a stroll among the galleries. You may wish to offer an apéritif, but there is no obligation.

It is up to the artist and the venue owner to organize the preview as they wish.

Yes – 50€ paid in advance by artists who register with the Festival, plus 10% commission on sales.

For this an artist ‘buys’ a spot on the map that all visitors will use to navigate their way round the village. It will include a sample image and their venue number. This website will also feature an image and an artists biography.

Residents of Monflanquin using their own property and students in full-time education do not have to pay the fee.

The festival will take place on the 17th and 18th of June 2023.